You run a photography business that is unwavering in delivering the best possible output through a beautiful customer experience. Your approach is cohesive and consistent, delivering delightful photos your clients treasure and breathtaking tangible products that grace the walls and coffee tables of their houses. Reviews are glowing, referrals are daily, you are stress-free and thriving. You have made it.

Perhaps you’re not quite there yet. You face stumbling blocks, or you desire shortcuts to reach this level. You want to convert your side-hustle into replacing 9-5. If you’re at the start of your journey, my coaching will leave you with a flourishing and ambitious mindset.

If you’ve been doing this for more than 3 years, you’re determined to make it past this hump in the road and want to be inspired to make fresh and exciting art again. You’re likely someone who’s doing this part-time or recently left their day job entirely.

For those with years of experience, with photography as their sole income, this is a chance for you to try something new. You want to learn innovative strategies and get your work seen by clients who appreciate the heirlooms you produce for them.

Whatever group you fall under, you want to propel yourself to the next level with impartial professional advice. I offer two unique coaching services, each bespoke to your needs:

Geraint Roberts Photographer Portrait

1:1 Mentoring

A video call for up to two hours to discuss your burning questions and areas you’re struggling with in your business. Popular topics include Pricing, Lead Generation, Sales Technique, Admin & Workflows, Technical Proficiency and Editing, but you’re welcome to ask anything you want over this call.

Business Audit

Prior to our call, your business will have an in-depth audit, including your finances, online presence, portfolio and more. During the call, I will raise points of concern, areas you’re excelling in and my views of how to improve. A month later, you’ll receive a follow up call to assess the changes you’ve made.

wedding photography Education.

Courses, Mentoring, Workshops.

Geraint; Without your guidance, I would not be the photographer (and person) I am today. Throughout the last few years you have been the best role model. I feel so very lucky to have found you right at the beginning of my photographic career. You have helped me turn a hobby into something that I can actually monetise. I honestly never thought that I’d be able to make a full time living from my passion, but with your help, I’ve been able to actually do just that! From helping me home in on my editing style, teaching me various editing techniques, to guiding me around the technical side of running a business. Not to mention, encouraging me to raise my prices, which inevitably was the best move I could have made! I honestly thank you with all of my heart and soul. You are a credit to your brand, an incredible soul, and fantastic photographer. In just 3 years, and at the age of 22, I am now a full time wedding photographer, and it’s all thanks to you.