About Geraint

My favourite thing to do when I (rarely) haven’t got a camera in my hand is spending time outdoors, especially near the sea. I’m a PADI Scuba Diver who thoroughly enjoys sea diving around the coast. My other love is food and cuisine; I love to cook and have travelled to some pretty odd places just to try the local delicacy. I love travelling, exploring and understanding different cultures, so these go hand in hand.

I’m an alumni of Falmouth University, where I studied Marine & Natural History Photography. Here, I had amazing opportunities to get involved in the photography industry and spend lots of time outdoors photographing nature. Ironically, it’s here where I found I’d much prefer to keep nature photography as my hobby and interest - it allows me to have some downtime by finding myself in the landscapes of Wales.

Why am I a wedding photographer, you may ask? The real reason I love my career is wedding cake, it makes it all worthwhile. Well, that and documenting the beautiful mishmash of fun, chaos, humour and emotion that is a wedding day. Having been a photographer since 2011, and more specifically in Weddings since 2015, I’ve had the pleasure to photograph so many couples around South Wales and beyond on their big day, a role which I feel both honoured and trusted to deliver.

I truly have the best job in the world.
— Geraint


Is a deposit required?

Yep. I take a £250 non-refundable deposit to book your date. The rest of the payments are very flexible, and we’ll discuss a finance plan to suit your budget and requirements. In a past life, I worked in consumer credit, so this process will be seamless for you.

Do you travel?

Though I’m based near Cardiff in South Wales, you should see my Snapchat map - I’m all over the country most weeks! I’ve been almost everywhere in the UK, chasing the light. I’m also fortunate enough to have been to a few far flung destinations for my photography, including Italy, Japan and Egypt. Wherever your wedding is, nowhere is too far for me.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. I’ll provide you and your venue with a copy of my Public Liability insurance. This covers us if I fall in a lake and take Aunt Doris in with me.

How do you keep our photos safe?

This starts within the camera - I shoot to two memory cards in parallel. If one was damaged, corrupted or lost, the other would remain intact. In addition to this, I have a backup camera, if the primary one was damaged. At the desk, your images are backed up to multiple locations and remain on my local server for 12 months after your wedding date.

What happens if it rains?

I understand that in Wales especially, rain can be a concern for your wedding day. Worry not, for both me and my equipment can handle anything that comes our way - rain gives me the opportunity to get even more creative. My cameras and lenses are also sealed from the elements - believe me, this has been tested many times.

Who’s your influence?

The greats of cinematography, such as Wes Anderson, Christopher Nolan and the Coen brothers have much influence on the way I perceive light and behaviour between subjects. Japanese principals of minimalism and empty space inform the way I create compositions. American wedding photographers guide the way I edit my images - I have always loved that soft, golden light that California is known for.

I’d like it in Black & White, please.

Sure. I shoot all my images in colour, though the occasional one will look better in Black & White. You’re welcome to have either or both.

How does copyright work?

You’ll get a non-commercial license to print and share the images as much as you wish. It’s that simple.

How many photos will we get?

This depends on how long you’d like coverage for. A typical full days coverage will include around 250 images, though this has been as high as 400 if there’s lots going on at your wedding. I’d like to emphasise that my focus is always on quality, not quantity. All your final images will be watermark free.

*Please don’t buy the hype around ‘Unlimited Photo’ packages - I’m sure you’d prefer 250 photos you’ll cherish forever as opposed to 1000 ‘meh’ photos.*

No one likes posed family group shots?

Even though posed group shots are slowly fading out of the norm, I realise your parents would really appreciate them. I always offer 4 main shots - the whole group, the bride’s family, the groom’s family and all the friends. In addition to this, you can have as many other shots as you’d like, though I recommend keeping it around ten or below, as I’m sure you’d much rather get on with canapés and bubbly.

If you have any questions I have not covered here, please email me at contact@geraint-roberts.co.uk

For Photographers:

I’m a camera nerd too - what do you use?

I use Sony E-mount cameras only. These are the best in the industry and are very reliable - I’ve shot 100’000’s of images on these cameras and know them inside and out. The lenses are also very sharp and fast to focus. I’d recommend the A7iii to anyone.

Do you offer work experience / internships / apprenticeships?

I’m currently looking into this. As my little company grows into a not so little company, I’ll be taking on more staff. You’re welcome to email me if you need a hand or are looking for opportunities, I’ll never turn someone down looking for help:-)

Do you offer any courses?

Yep, I do. These are under development and due to be launched in 2020. Courses will cover - ‘Lightroom’, ‘FB/IG Ads’, ‘Lighting & Posing’ and ‘Photography-Business Consultancy’. Message me if you’re interested.