Why do Wedding Photos take soooo long to deliver?

Why does your Wedding Photographer state they'll take 8, even 12 weeks to deliver your photos from your wedding day?

For good reason.

Image editing is a crucial part of the process, that takes time to master and perfect. After your big day, the next step involves what I consider the most difficult part: refining down all those memories into the smaller pool that defines the day. I usually deliver anywhere from 250 - 400 images per wedding to my clients, often shooting around 1500 - 2000 on the day alone! Some were test shots to make sure the light is perfect, others shots people may be blinking on. This isn't to say the rest are discarded, they just don't fit as well as others into the narrative I create with the final set.

Each image is then hand edited to my studio style, to ensure consistency and to bring out all the beautiful nuances hidden away in your photos. Effectively, this is how I develop a colour palette that gives my images their glowing feel. Below, I've revealed a before and after preview of the way I edit.

Imagine this process for up to 400 images! As you can imagine, it takes a lot of time and requires a lot of attention to detail. Thanks to streamlining my process, I deliver images to my clients within 28 days, and up to 100 previews within the week!

I think it’s great that wedding photographers have their own unique style, as everyone sees the world differently. If we were all the same, there would be little reason to choose one photographer over the other.

Of course, this isnt to say that the way an image looks is down to the edit - far from it. The way your photographer understands lighting, composition and posing goes to make a great photo far more than any editing can. 

What do I use to edit? A great piece of software called Lightroom, by a company called Adobe. They're the same people who make Photoshop, and the software is super intuitive to use. I've attached a link for the cheapest price I could find if you fancy having a play on it yourself.

Though your photographer should never give you the raw files (trust me - the high resolution images you get are best for most people!), it's super fun to use this software to convert colour images to black and white and catalog your personal images from that honeymoon. And for any photographers reading this, Lightroom is a must have!

Geraint Roberts